Blessed William Davies Catholic Primary School

Our school is a Voluntary Aided Catholic Primary School, located on Bodnant Crescent, in the beautiful seaside town of Llandudno.

Throughout this site, we would like to give you an insight into our school family, our values, our aims and our achievements.

We offer part time Nursery education in addition to the full primary age range. It is a privilege to see our children grow and mature during their time with us.

Our school life is based on Christian Values. We recognise and respond to the needs of each child. We respond to their academic needs and also the development of the whole child as an individual. We develop happy, fulfilled, well-educated and confident children in a caring, disciplined environment with our Faith as the focus of our actions. We expect, and encourage excellence in the range of activities the school undertakes.

Education is a partnership between home, school and parish in which we seek and encourage the participation of parents in the learning process and in the life of our school. Parents and carers are welcome partners in the education of their child and in the development of our school family.


“As God’s Family, we live, love and learn happily together, trying our best in all we do”

In order to achieve this, we aim to

Recognise the worth and talents in each individual, developing their self esteem and self-respect based on the model of Christ and the Gospels.

Provide a loving atmosphere encouraging respect and care for one another in a Christ-like fashion.

Provide a quality education for all pupils and develop them to their full potential physically, spiritually, morally, academically, socially and culturally.

Develop in pupils a knowledge of faith through Christ’s teaching, set in the context of a caring, Catholic environment.

Work in partnership with all the local Churches and develop relationships with the wider community which it serves.