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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data which your browser stores on your machine as you use our website. Cookies are sometimes used to provide the user with a tailored experience when revisiting a site eg. remembering preferences so you don’t have to submit the same information twice etc.
What Cookies do we use?

Our Cookies

We use cookies to identify you as a unique visitor and to identify which pages are being used. The cookies that are stored does not include any information that is personally identifiable to you. The information is completely anonymous.

First party cookies are cookies set by the site itself. For example, if a visitor visits our website and our website sets a cookie, this cookie is called a first-party cookie. Our website is powered by CMS called WordPress which sets 1st party cookies. Listed below are the actual cookies that our website sets.

How to block/delete cookies

All modern browsers should allow you to block and delete cookies. Please see below for examples on how to do this;

Managing cookies in chrome

Managing cookies in Edge/Internet Explorer

Blocking or deleting cookies may result in limited or impaired usage of many websites.