Mission Statement and School Aims


“As God’s Family, we live, love and learn happily together, trying our best in all we do”

In order to achieve this, we aim to

Recognise the worth and talents in each individual, developing their self esteem and self-respect based on the model of Christ and the Gospels.

Provide a loving atmosphere encouraging respect and care for one another in a Christ-like fashion.

Provide a quality education for all pupils and develop them to their full potential physically, spiritually, morally, academically, socially and culturally.

Develop in pupils a knowledge of faith through Christ’s teaching, set in the context of a caring, Catholic environment.

Work in partnership with all the local Churches and develop relationships with the wider community which it serves.


The principal aim of the school is to offer children Christ – not only through their RE lessons but also through worship and involvement in the school community as a whole.

To provide children with opportunities to develop their talents within a
Christian atmosphere.

To provide a secure and happy environment in which children can learn effectively.

To encourage children to become responsible and independent learners.

To foster an attitude of care towards each other, teachers, parents and adults and to respect property and the general environment of their communities.

To provide opportunities for children to reach high levels of competence in literacy and numeracy,.

To help children to express themselves creatively through language, drama, art, music and movement.

To encourage pupils to develop their awareness and understanding of Wales as a country, the Welsh language, culture and heritage.

To provide opportunities to participate a wide range of physical activities.

To assist children through their religious, moral, historical, geographical and scientific studies to explore their world and reflect upon their own situations.