Mission Statement

‘As God’s Family, we live, love and learn happily together,

trying our best in all we do’

At Ysgol Bendigaid William Davies we:

  • strive to recognise each individual’s worth and talents and develop self-esteem and self-respect based on the model of Christ in the Gospels.
  • provide a loving atmosphere, encouraging respect and care for each other following Christ’s example.
  • provide a quality physical, spiritual, moral, academic, social and cultural education for all learners, allowing them to reach their full potential.
  • develop a knowledge of faith through Christ’s teaching; set in the context of our caring, Catholic environment.
  • work in partnership with local Churches and develop positive relationships with the wider community.
  • review the school’s progress regularly, identifying and celebrating successes and planning and acting upon areas for development.


We provide a curriculum which will:

  • Inspire and encourage all children’s enthusiasm, imagination and interest in order to develop skills across all areas of learning experience.
  • Plan and prepare rich learning opportunities in order to increase knowledge, develop reasoning skills and encourage resilience when approaching challenges.
  • Encourage our children to be ambitious and capable learners and enable them to develop their spiritual and moral awareness.
  • Assist our children to live as ethical, informed citizens, working with others in our school’s community and beyond.
  • Enable our children to become enterprising and creative contributors through imaginative, entrepreneurial and innovative learning experiences.
  • Help our children to become healthy and confident individuals through provision of a range of quality learning experiences, both indoors and outdoors.