The Governors

The Governors of the school are responsible for the staffing, finance, premises, curriculum and future planning of the school. The Governors work very closely with the Headteacher in making decisions about the life of the school.

As a Voluntary Aided school of the Catholic Church the Bishop appoints the Foundation Governors who form the majority group among the Governors. The policy of admission to the school must be one that gives priority to the children of parents who are members of the Catholic Church. The Governing Body has the support and guidance of the Diocesan Education team.

The Governing Body consists of:

8 foundation governors, 1 parent governor, 1 LEA governor (County Council), 1 Town Council governor, 1 teacher governor, 1 staff governor, Headteacher.

Chairperson/Foundation Governor
Michael Hendry

Vice chairperson/ Parent Governor

Alice- Mair Rodrigues

Foundation Governors
Joann Pikciun- Carrapito

Kasia Korniak

Alessandra Anonam

Parent Governor

Katie Hender

County Councillor
Gerry Sweeney

Town Councillor
Mrs Carol Marubbi

Teacher Governor
Victoria Flynn

Staff Governor
Clere Harris

Lucy Phillips

Clerk to Governors
Ioan Ap Dewi

Parish Priest

Father Innocent Ebonyi

Father Ebuka