Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

The School aims to secure equal curriculum and special opportunities for children with disabilities and/or additional learning needs and therefore fulfil all children’s entitlement to learning support. This will enable all children to participate in the life and work of the school to the best of their abilities, whatever their needs. The school accepts that a percentage of children require special provision for their educational needs – long term or short term.

Pupils are identified by the class teacher and referred to the ALN Co-ordinator.  The children are either supported in class or withdrawn for small group teaching as appropriate.  The children may need extra help or the support of outside agencies.

The children’s progress is reviewed on a termly basis and Individual Education Programmes of work are prepared for those who receive extra help.  Parents or carers are kept informed when children need extra help and at each stage of the process.

Children who are exceptionally able will also be identified and added to the More Able and Talented register and should also receive additional, appropriate support.  A report on the ALN provision in the school is provided annually to the parents by the Governors.