Health, Safety & Security Policies

For our own records it is important that we know the full name of the child, the names of the parents or carers. Early in the new term we will send home a form seeking details about name, address, telephone numbers, etc. We ask your co-operation in returning this promptly. In addition, prompt notification as to any subsequent changes will be most helpful.

Medical information is also very important in that it gives a clear picture of the child and of any particular difficulties they may be experiencing. We would also like the name and address of your doctor.

Despite every effort, care and concern, it is possible that your child may become ill whilst at school or have an accident. Minor accidents and illness are dealt with in school and the incident recorded.

From time to time it may be necessary to contact parents quickly, therefore we need to know your home telephone number and where appropriate that of your work place. We can administer water or ice pack only. Injuries requiring further treatment require immediate consultation with you. For more serious injuries / incidents emergency accident procedures are set into operation.

Therefore it is important that the school has up to date information with regard to your contact point.

Children who have asthma keep their inhalers with them in the classroom. Inhalers need to be clearly named.

If there are medical circumstances which affect your child please discuss these with the Headteacher as soon as possible.

The school is responsible for the safety and security of your child during school hours.  If you intend to withdraw your child, from school, during school hours  e.g. to visit the dentist or doctor, please inform your child’s class teacher in advance.  If you think you may be delayed in collecting your child at home time, please contact the school to let us know of any changes in arrangements you have made.

A member of staff is always on duty each morning from 8.45 a.m. to welcome the children.

4 Midday Supervisors are on duty during the lunch break.