Medical Care

The school is supported by the School medical service and you will be invited to  register your child as part of this service. Your child’s progress will be monitored during his/her time in our school and of course you will be invited to attend any examinations. Vision, dental and hearing tests are also carried out at the school. Our School Nurse works closely with parents and keeps them informed.

If a child is unwell and receiving medication from the doctor, then parents should consider very carefully whether or not their child should be attending school. Medication cannot be given in school. However, should a life threatening situation arise, medication will be administered.

Inhalers for asthma may be kept in school with consent.


If you find that your child has contracted headlice they should be treated immediately.

Parents are asked to check their child’s hair on a daily basis.  Regular combing with a ‘nit comb’ and conditioner can help.

If parents experience recurring problems,  the school nurse can be contacted to seek further support and advice.