Personal And Social Development

It is hoped that the ethos of the school – which emphasises a caring and considerate atmosphere in the light of the Gospels – develops respect for the individual, values achievements of everyone and encourages attitudes which enable children to make a positive contribution to, and live harmoniously with, others in the community. Opportunities are provided for responding to the needs of others by supporting charities and appeals both on a local and international level.

In Health Education the aim is to provide opportunities for children to increase their understanding about their bodies and how they work, hygiene, diet, how to keep fit, use/misuse of drugs, of what it means to keep healthy, their personal responsibility for achieving this and factors which promote it. This is promoted throughout the curriculum for example within topic work on Food, Ourselves, Good Health and through the range of physical activities offered.

As a fundamental part of the personal, social and emotional development of the child, a programme for relationships and sex education is planned. This programme considers the maturity levels of the children and is integrated into cross-curricular topics. This programme has been produced by Archdiocese and has the full approval of our own Bishop and is delivered to the children in years 5 and 6.

Parents and carers have the right to withdraw a child from relationships and sex education sessions and will be informed when the programme is to be introduced.