The Organisation of the School




Morning session: 8.55 – 11.30 8.55 – 12.00 8.55 – 12.00
Afternoon session  1.00 – 3.20 1.00 – 3.20

Key Stage 2 children have a break in the morning at 10.30 – 10.45.
Foundation Phase have an outdoor session morning and afternoon.

The school day starts at 8.55am. The bell sounds and the children wait to be escorted to their classes by their teacher. The children are supervised on the playground by a teacher from 8.45am.

Lessons start promptly at 9.00am. Lateness in arrival and collection can be very disrupting and distressing for children. We ask you therefore to ensure that your child is at school on time and collected promptly at the end of the day. Should unforeseen or exceptional circumstances prevent your child being met on time please telephone and alert us to the situation.  It is also important that we know who will be collecting your child from school.